our story.

Over the last 2 decades, Jodi and Josh have used their complementary skill sets to grow a real estate empire all while raising their three boys. Real estate has afforded them the freedom to be an ever-present figure at the local ballfields cheering on their kids every step of the way. 

The two met in high school when Josh was a freshman and Jodi was a sophomore. It wasn't until the pair had graduated that fate would step in and align their paths once more. "It was like the merger of two corporations." says Jodi as she reminisces on the early days. Well on her way to a career in real estate, Josh came from a family of hardworking DIY'ers who invested heavily in single family real estate. With her vision and his know-how, the pair catapulted past their peers and bought their first rental property only 6 months after their whirlwind romance began. 
After being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer in 2020, Josh underwent a stem cell transplant in 2021 and is currently in recovery. That major health scare was an eye-opening experience that has left the family stronger and more determined than ever to reach their goals. They are continuing the mission of beautifying the community, offering mentorship to others and leaving a positive impact on as many lives as possible. 

our values.

We strive to find or create Win-Win scenarios for everyone. People above profits is a great motto but not everyone is committed to live by that philosophy. 

"A lot of the people who contact us are in desperate situations. They may be stressed financially or faced with decisions that they've never had to make. It would be easy to take advantage of someone's fear or lack of knowledge." 

Holding ourselves to a higher standard is fundamental. We access the needs of each individual regardless of money. We present all the facts and options in a clear concise manner so our customers and clients can make a well-informed decision. 

our farm.

In 2019, The Terrells purchased a small farm in their hometown. "It was a leap of faith." says Jodi when asked about the purchase. They initially only purchased 12 acres but when they got wind that a developer was looking at the property next door, they swooped in and added the additional acreage to their homestead. "It was a horrible investment." Jodi says with a chuckle "And We're Investors!" 

Now with 30 acres, The Terrells started searching for a way to turn the undeveloped farmland into an income producing asset. After hours of research, Jodi ran across an article featuring pink pumpkins and fell in love. With little to no farming experience and some divine intervention, the Terrells set out to add Pumpkin farmer to their resume. But even with all the trials and tribulations that come with a new venture, they managed to harvest almost 2000 pumpkins the first season! 

When I think of Jodi, the word Connector comes to mind. Problem solver would be another good way to describe her. If it has to do with real estate, houses, mortgages, she's my first call. Trust me, if Jodi doesn't know, she knows someone who does.

john adams


Jodi has been a great mentor. She's got a grasp on so many different areas of real estate from short term rentals, to flipping, to design. It's been invaluable to have her as a sounding board as I've grown my real estate business.

cade collins

coaching client

Jodi has been an absolute dream to work with. It's hard to find someone who not only understands design, but also understands that any capital improvement is an investment. She was able to guide us through the decision making process ensuring that at the end of the day not only did we have a GORGEOUS kitchen, we had also substantially increased the value of our property.

Lexie Bush

design client